Extreme Cold

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Brrrr! Most of Alberta has an Extreme Cold Warning today. The Athabasca University weather station is reporting -35 Celsius right now (9:05 PM).   Even Calgary has an extreme cold warning. Layer up and stay warm!

Winter weather & some truckers

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Couldn’t help posting about this. British Columbia’s Coquihalla Highway was closed due to weather, and many drivers had to spend a frigid night in their vehicles. “Reports from the scene say there is very heavy volume and trucks are having … Continued

Polar Vortex

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Brrrr! Last week saw some cold temperatures here in Alberta. The Jet Stream is bringing down some Arctic air. Now that this air will be reaching Ontario/Quebec, the phenomenon is on the Weather Network:   Never-mind that we have already … Continued

Critter Cam

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We are situated in the Tawatinaw Valley in central Alberta, approximately 100 km north of Edmonton. The Tawatinaw Valley contains a small, meandering, north-northeasterly flowing stream, which drains into the Athabasca River. We have a variety of wildlife passing thru … Continued