Don’t swim in marinas!

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Ok summer is almost over, but better late than never. BoatU.S. mentioned the dangers of stray electrical current in freshwater marinas in one of their newsletters this year (which I have finally got around to reading). Tragically, many children and … Continued


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Second coat is on, hull has been waxed, and now Island Song is going back into the water: A hectic weekend but we got a lot of work done. Thanks to all the guys at Walsh Marine, they were great … Continued

First Coat

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Woo! The first coat of anti-fouling is on. My arm feels like it’s going to fall off. The lapstrake hull is a lot more work than a smooth hull. Today Jeff helped and did the roller while I followed with … Continued


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Well after two blister repairs and lots of prep, the primer went on today. We don’t know what type of paint the previous owner put on her. We could either strip her down to the gelcoat, or do a heavy sanding, or … Continued


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Time to haul her out and put some fresh anti-fouling paint on her bottom 😉 Lots of work planned in the next couple of days! We’ve got a big list; anti-fouling, check a thru-hull, zincs, knot meter, packing gland, clean the … Continued


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Water has been leaking into our stern lockers and we’ve been sealing and caulking almost everything we can find on the deck. Today I washed the cockpit then literally climbed into the lockers to see if I could tell where … Continued