Long Lake

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I recently had the opportunity to paddle Long Lake in my kayak.   The lake is long and narrow, and located in Long Lake Provincial Park, south of Boyle Alberta. There is a boat launch, day use area and beach, … Continued

Kayak Rack

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I finished my homemade kayak storage rack this past weekend:   There’s room for three kayaks. I’m thinking of adding a few hooks for gear. If you’d like to make one yourself, check out Korey Atterberry’s webpage.  

Steele Lake

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This week I had the opportunity to paddle Steele Lake in my kayak.   Steele Lake is in Cross Lake Provincial Park. Since the park surrounds the lake, the shoreline and wetlands are quiet and undisturbed. I spotted a Loon, … Continued

The Eelgrass is Blooming

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Drayton Harbor is horseshoe-shaped and shallow, with large tidal flats exposed during low tide: Eelgrass is not seaweed – it’s a grass! The underwater meadows build up in the spring and summer then decay in the fall and winter. The … Continued

Kayaking around Drayton Harbor

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Last chance to paddle around this morning before we head back to the city. It’s a beautiful morning with a mix of sun and cloud. Friday the 13th has an undeserved bad rap. We’ve got sun, wind and waves: TGIF! … Continued

Right side up

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Famous last words “I know how to do this, I’ve done this lots before.” How NOT to climb into a kayak: Ahhh, but my hubby is so sweet, after he takes this photo of me he runs over to help me out. … Continued