SPOT is a portable satellite messenging device. It uses the Globalstar satellite network.  SPOT can send your GPS coordinates along with a simple text message to an email or to a cellphone. SPOT works outside of cell coverage areas and allows you to:

  • send OK messages to family
  • have your progress tracked on the web site.
  • ask for help from family
  • request 911 assistance

The messages that SPOT sends are setup ahead of time (before your trip), via a login to the official SPOT web page.

We originally purchased SPOT for sailing the Gulf of Mexico and the West coast. We used SPOT while driving across the country so family and friends could monitor our progress and know where we were, when we were delayed, and that we were ok. We have also used SPOT while hiking and cross-country skiing various trails.

SPOT is a great safety device for those who travel off the beaten path. For more information check out: