Sailing Lake Michigan - Chicago Lock & River

We spent a few days in Chicago, checking out the Public Library, The Field Museum, and the Shedd Aquarium as well as more than a few restaurants (and the odd pub). I found the harbour just a bit too rough for me (another sleepless night) and decided that a hotel room would be a better plan, esp. since we couldn't park close to the boat, and my steamer trunk, with a change of clothes and other items, wouldn't fit in the forward cabin.  :)

lock.jpg (31308 bytes)The Chicago lock. This lock (original dated back to the 1800's I believe) effectively reverses the flow of the river. This means that even though we have entered the river from the lake dad will be going with the flow for the rest of the trip.

The lock is very smooth and I didn't even notice that the gates had opened and closed. Quite a difference from the big American locks at the Soo.


cityriver.jpg (44090 bytes)

This shot gives an idea of what it is like to take the river through Chicago. There where quite a number of buildings I wanted to take pictures of but they are so close it is pretty hard to get the whole building in the shot. At least when using a disposable camera!



2towers.jpg (34992 bytes)


Even this shot of the Sears Tower (left) and 311 South Wacker Drive (link offsite). I liked the shadow of one building on the other but I would need to spend more time in Chicago to get this picture on a good day. This day was cloudy, overcast and smoggy.



lowbridge.jpg (20790 bytes)This was the lowest bridge on the river. At about 10' clearance we just made it. The loran antenna rubbed but everything else cleared.

This is the last picture I have to post at this time. We got off at Lockport and got a ride back to the downtown with the Chicago police, but that would be a whole other story.    :)

As of Oct 1st 1998 dad was still on the Illinois river somewhere around Peoria heading to St Louis. That's all for now.   TTFN (ta ta for now)        - Jeff

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