Sailing Lake Michigan - Waukegan, Illinois

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Welcome to Waukegan! This is the largest harbour I've ever seen. There had to be a thousand boats here! Finding our berth was like was like driving a car in the suburbs. It turns out the place was full and our berth had been vacated just hours before. The day before we had spent most of the time motoring as the weather was too calm and we had to average at least 3 or 4 knots to get here by dark. Since Lorna was driving  the car we had ready transportation. This was funny when someone was suggesting places to eat close to the harbour and asked if we had a bicycle (very common among cruisers). 'No,' we said 'We have a car. The chauffeur makes sure it is in each town we dock in.' Pretty funny when INO is one of the most 'economical' boats in the harbour.

Lots of Spanish people in Waukegan, and all of them seem very nice. I said it was neat to be in a country where there were two languages used. And no sign laws :) The only problem I had was sleeping. The marina is very close to the railyard and it seemed like they were shuffling cars all night!

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