Sailing Lake Michigan

Just a quick update on Rod's trip. I (Jeff) caught up with him in Milwaukee,  and sailed with him through Chicago. Story starts Sept. 21st.

myc.jpg (87570 bytes)
Milwaukee Yacht Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A.

Our plan was to drive from Winnipeg to Milwaukee and figure out how to find Rod once we got there. Since we didn't know exactly when he would arrive or where he would stay we joked that we would just ask somebody on the street if they had seen him yet. This worked! We parked down by the water and went into a yacht club and asked where a good place to look would be. They said try the MYC so we walked over there. INO was already at the dock. We found Rod in the building and he said he had just arrived. We had arrived within 2minutes of each other.

mil2.jpg (31804 bytes)
This picture was taken as we left MYC.

After spending the night on the boat we decided that Lorna would drive to Racine and meet us there. Milwaukee was nice but we didn't get a tour of the H-D plant.   :(  Neither did we see Laverne or Shirley but I think I saw someone who looked a lot like Sqiggy. I didn't take his picture since I figured he should be able to have some privacy. Dad thinks it was just a T.V. show, yeah right!

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