Day 7             Thursday August 27

We left Playter Harbour at 9:15 this morning, motoring south directly into the wind. There is a park stretching along this shore: Pukaskwa National Park. At around 12:30 we had trouble with the engine once again. Rod added some alcohol to the fuel and this corrected the problem, nevertheless we stopped short and anchored in Oiseau Bay at ~3:00. Covered 12 nm today. Oiseau Bay is another beautiful spot with a beach of fine, soft sand at the east side. We rowed to the beach and went for a swim.

oiseau.jpg (56156 bytes)
INO anchored in Oiseau Bay.

Day 8             Friday August 28

The winds were westerly and it was a bumpy night, gusty winds with thunderstorms rolling through. At 9:00 in the morning we moved to a slightly more protected spot in Oiseau Bay. Forecast was for 1-2 metre waves and winds 20-25 knots. Not impossible but uncomfortable so we stayed in Oiseau Bay.

Day 9             Saturday August 29

Another bumpy, rolling night. The forecast this morning was for NW winds 20-25 knots and 2 metre waves. We waited until noon then weighed anchor and headed out. The waves were pretty high so we turned around and anchored again in Oiseau Bay.

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