Day 6             Wednesday August 26

lambton3.jpg (59737 bytes)
Looking south from Lambton Cove towards McColl & Edmonds Islands.

It was foggy at 7:30 this morning, we left Lambton Cove at approx. 9:15. Once clear of the Slate Islands we headed ESE. Light winds today but more consistent than yesterday, we had no need to motor. Mainly sunny with a few clouds - nice day for a sail! Spent most of the day on a beam reach, covered 30 nm today and anchored in Playter Harbour at 5:30. This spot is not as well protected from the west as we would have liked so we put down two anchors, from the bow and the stern.

playter.jpg (47135 bytes)
Close to the entrance of Playter Harbour.

We saw a group of canoes on the far shore (an Outward Bound group). They packed up their gear and headed out towards the lake at 7:30 PM. They canoed out to the mouth of the Harbour, looked at the waves on the lake, and then returned to their campsite. We thought this was a wise choice. Lake Superior is large enough to develop swells and a couple of times we were out in 2 metre waves. Which is no problem for INO but I wouldn't want to be out in a canoe.

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