Day 5             Tuesday August 25

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Rainbow over Jackson Channel, from the mainland to Mortimer Island.

Weighed anchor at 8:00 this morning and motored out into Schreiber Channel. We hoisted the sails and set a course of 121° (magnetic) for the Slate Islands, a group of islands formed over a billion years ago by asteroid impact. Once again we had light and variable winds; and spent most of the time on a beam reach, motoring for two half hour stretches. Clouds with a bit of sun today and some very light showers.

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We lost all wind as we rounded Barnard Point on Mortimer Island, therefore we motored in to Lambton Cove. We had intended to anchor but someone had put a floating dock in the cove so we tied up to it at around 5:30. Today we covered 18 nm (nautical miles).

lambton2.jpg (48921 bytes)
Lambton Cove. In this photo you can see how clear the water is.

Lambton Cove is a beautiful, well-protected spot, and a popular one as well. Although we didn't encounter any people when we were there, someone had put in the dock and had built an outhouse. The Slate Islands are a wildlife preserve and we weren't disappointed, at sunset we watched as a Woodlands Caribou came within 20' of INO, looking for leftovers around the campfire spot. Darn ... too dark for a photo!

lambton.jpg (60282 bytes)
INO tied up at Lambton Cove in the Slate Islands.

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