Day 2             Saturday August 22

7:50 AM - Pulled in the lines and motored out to the lake. Fog! So we tied back up in Horseshoe Cove to wait. After coffee and breakfast we peeked around the corner again and the fog had cleared. Calm, no wind, clear sky. Left the cove at 9:45 and motored through various islands south of Black Bay Peninsula. We're not towing the tender today, last night we hauled it onto the foredeck. Saw a large forest fire on one island. The sky clouded over at midday and around 3:30 there was enough wind to hoist the sails. We averaged 2.5-3 knots. Discovered that there was water in the gas so we sailed in and anchored at Agate Island. We were in a little bay on the north shore of the island and the wind was from the east. Rod put down a second anchor to keep us from swinging too much or in case the wind changed during the night.


Day 3             Sunday August 23

fog.jpg (30059 bytes)
Sunday morning fog. On the right a white blur in the water is a shoal. Although we knew it was there, we couldn't see it when we sailed in to anchor at Agate Island. It is visible now with the waves breaking over it.

Rained last night, this morning fog and drizzle. We decided to stay put until the fog clears. Around 1:30 PM we motored over to another anchorage between Bowman and Owl Islands, but felt it was too deep and less protected. So back to Agate Island we went.

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