Day 13             Wednesday September 2

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Anchored in Beatty Cove, looking SE at the entrance, 7:40 AM.

This morning sun, mist, cloud and rain all thrown in together. First we had coffee and listened to the weather. Water spout advisory issued and small craft wind warning in effect. Winds NW 10-15 knots and waves 1-2 metres. We pulled up anchor and motored out of the cove but Rod didn't like the look of some of the clouds. We returned to anchor and waited for the 10:30 forecast.

After listening to the updated forecast we weighed anchor, hoisted the sails, and sailed out of Beatty Cove with two reefs in the main. However the winds were lighter than expected so we adjusted to one reef. Big swells with a mix of sun and clouds. We headed for Mamainse Harbour, a small fisherman's harbour on the mainland with a government dock. Winds picked up in the afternoon, gusting to 21 knots with large swells. The darn topping lift came off of it's own accord, probably because the shackle was old and we had been bouncing up and down all day. The topping lift is what holds up the boom and keeps it from falling on your head - unless the mainsail is up. It was too rough and bumpy to reattach it, and taking down the main without it was too risky in the heavy swells. We dropped the jib and Rod sailed INO into Mamainse Harbour, which is shallow and narrow but well-protected. Once in the harbour we reattached the topping lift, dropped the main and tied up alongside Veleda IV, who had come into harbour earlier in the day. Arriving around 4:45, we covered 26.6 nm today. We had dinner with Aubrey and Judy on Veleda IV.

Day 14             Thursday September 3

There's a small fish processing plant in Mamainse Harbour, so we had smoked laketrout for breakfast and Rod stocked up with a variety of smoked fish. We left the harbour at ~11:15, after waiting for the 10:30 weather forecast and some rainclouds to pass by. Winds were light NW in the morning, increasing to 10-15 knots in the afternoon. Sailed 16.5 nm to the government wharf in Batchawana Bay, running most of the way. The wharf was in rough shape and the wind was pushing INO against it, so we ended up anchoring instead. Arrived around 4:15. It's cooler today and the trees are starting to show tinges of red and brown.

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