Day 11             Monday August 31

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Leaving Cozens Cove.

After a nice quiet night we weighed anchor and left Cozens Cove on Michipicoten Island at 8:30. Light NW winds, waves under 1 metre and sunny. Rod raised the DRS (a tradename for a certain cruising spinnaker) which expands and collapses from a sock. We sailed this way until noon when the winds picked up and we hoisted the jib instead. Another beautiful day, mostly running or on a broad reach. The breeze was cool but the sun was nice and warm. Sailed across to Cape Gargantua on the mainland, then southeast to Beatty Cove. another picturesque spot, but watch out for that rock in the middle! We arrived at 5:30 and went for a swim after anchoring. The water sure felt good. Travelled 31 nm today.

Later an Ontario 32 named Veleda IV anchored in Beatty Cove. In the evening we had a visit from owners Aubrey and Judy Millard from Toronto.

Day 12             Tuesday September 1

The wind changed early this morning and it became quite bumpy and rolling again. Veleda IV was anchored in a less protected spot and decided to leave for another anchorage at ~6:30. The weather didn't look very nice so we stayed in Beatty Cove. It rained all afternoon and was a little cold out today. Lots of thunder and lightning.

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