Day 10             Sunday August 30

oiseau2.jpg (67695 bytes)
Leaving Oiseau Bay under sail.

Another bumpy night, this morning the forecast was for winds NW 15-20 knots and waves 1-2 metres. We left Oiseau Bay at 8:30. Sailed southeast towards Michipicoten Island, running with two reefs in the mainsail yet still doing 5 knots at times. (The hull speed of an Alberg 30 is approx. 7 knots.) Lots of fun. The waves were quite tall and very wide from trough to crest, from the stern they helped to drive INO along. I could stand in the main cabin and look out to see the waves tower high over the stern and then fall back again. INO is a full-keeled sailboat and never felt out of control.

We sailed east of Michipicoten Island by Point Maurepas, then turned SW and anchored in Cozens Cove at 7:00 PM. Covered 44 nm today.

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