Day 1             Friday August 21, 1998

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Leaving Thunder Bay Yacht Club

We left the City of Thunder Bay at 10:45 EDT. Today's weather conditions: very light winds, clear sky. Motoring at 5 knots, we are towing the tender and have the autopilot on. Thunder Bay was hot and humid, the colour of the river water a dark brown/black. However Lake Superior is a deep turquoise blue and the air is nice and cool. It is great to be out on the lake today. We crossed Thunder Bay, went around Thunder Cape on Sibley Peninsula (The Sleeping Giant) and docked at the community of Silver Islet. A picturesque village with a store and a government wharf. I am continually amazed at how clear the water is in Lake Superior, I can see 24' to the bottom easily.

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Silver Islet

We left the government wharf and motored to the Islet: a small offshore island that had been surrounded by a crib and mined extensively for silver between 1869 and 1884. Remnants of the pilings and shafts are visible beneath the surface. Millions of dollars were made and many lives were lost at this site.

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Ino in Horseshoe Cove

Motoring on to Edward Island at 4:30 PM we tied up at Horseshoe Cove. Travelled 21.4 nautical miles today. Horseshoe Cove is a lovely, well-protected spot. Rod put the bow in the mud, hopped ashore and tied up to a tree. Before dinner I went for a swim and ran a line from the stern to another tree so we wouldn't be rubbing bottom all night. Many people told me that Lake Superior was too cold to go swimming in. I'm glad I tried it anyway! The water was beautiful and refreshing.

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