Haefen at Burnt Store MarinaHaefen, an Island Packet 32, docked at Burnt Store Marina, near Punta Gorda Florida.
Jeff in the main cabinJeff is standing where the navigation table folds up/down. Behind him is the rear quarter berth.
Lorna in the main cabinLorna is sitting diagonally across from Jeff. To the left is the forward v-berth.
Burnt Store MarinaBurnt Store Marina.
thunder stormsThunder storms to the east, looking over Burnt Store Marina.
manateeManatee, sticking his nose out of the water after digging in the bottom of Burnt Store Marina. Wikipedia has more info on Manatees.
entrance to Burnt Store MarinaBurnt Store Marina, just inside the channel entrance.
Haefen's sailsHaefen’s mainsail, staysail, and jib. Sailing across Charlotte Harbor to Pelican Bay.
Jeff at the helmThis is Jeff at the helm, thinking he can relax. Did I mention that Charlotte Harbor is very shallow?
anchored in Pelican BayHaefen is anchored in Pelican Bay, just off the island Cayo Costa.
snorkelingTime to go snorkelling.
pelican bayPelican Bay from Google Earth. The colour demarcation is due to different satellite passes.
Haefen at Burnt Store MarinaHaefen at Burnt Store Marina.
main cabinFold down table in the main cabin.
Burnt Store MarinaWalkway in Burnt Store Marina.
Burnt Store MarinaHomes in the marina complex.
sunset in Burnt StoreSunset to the west.
ManateeManatees are herbivores and eat over 60 different plant species such as mangrove leaves, turtle grass, and types of algae, using their large flexible upper lip.
sailboat leaving Burnt StoreAnother sailboat leaving the marina. Thru the channel lies Charlotte Harbor – a large natural estuary on the west coast of Florida.
Haefen's mainsailHaefen’s mainsail.
Jeff at the helmJeff at the helm. We’re exploring near Useppa Island before we head into Pelican Bay.
cumulo nimbusLooking at Punta Blanca Island towards the east. Far in the distance, thunder clouds are forming over the Florida mainland.
snorkelingIt was quite hot during the day, 30+ Celsius with high humidity.
sunset over Cayo CostaSunset over Cayo Costa.
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