Kayaking around Drayton Harbor

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Last chance to paddle around this morning before we head back to the city. It’s a beautiful morning with a mix of sun and cloud. Friday the 13th has an undeserved bad rap. We’ve got sun, wind and waves: TGIF! … Continued


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Water has been leaking into our stern lockers and we’ve been sealing and caulking almost everything we can find on the deck. Today I washed the cockpit then literally climbed into the lockers to see if I could tell where … Continued

Follow the money

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I don’t post about politics and such, but maybe that should change. Like many boaters we care about the environment. “Taking Charities out of Politics” Christina Blizzard writes about charities that use donations for political purposes. A Canadian Senate Inquiry finds that certain … Continued

Evening at the marina

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It’s a beautiful evening at the marina. Part sun and cloud today, it’s wonderful to see the days getting longer. I missed the water … glad to be back near the ocean! Maybe we will see more sunshine this Easter … Continued

Website changes

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Time for a change! You may have noticed a new theme and layout for Haefen.ca. It’s still a work in progress as I change things around. (If a page looks funny, try pressing F5 to refresh it.) Feel free to … Continued

Vernal Equinox

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It’s “officially” spring! Unless you are in Winnipeg, where it might seem like fall after the summer-time temperatures they had this past weekend. This is one of the days when the axis of the Earth is neither tilted neither away … Continued

Seattle Boat Show

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The Seattle Boat Show is on until Sunday at Centurylink Field and South Lake Union. There were lots of exhibits and boats to see. We had wonderful weather today and the weekend forecast looks great as well. We took a … Continued

Generator Box

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Lots of work has been done to Island Song including all new ground tackle, new exhaust, cleaning, sealing and a lot of 120volt work including new panels, circuits and now a storage box for the Generator. Our engine alternator is … Continued

Happy New Year!

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We went for a walk today at Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve in Whatcom County, WA. Family was visting from Edmonton 🙂   It was a blustery day with winds over 15 knots from the East. However, once we walked thru the … Continued

Right side up

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Famous last words “I know how to do this, I’ve done this lots before.” How NOT to climb into a kayak: Ahhh, but my hubby is so sweet, after he takes this photo of me he runs over to help me out. … Continued