Muskeg Creek

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Looking down at Muskeg Creek, from the viewpoint near the picnic shelter:

Hard Frost

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We’ve had a couple of frosty nights already, then last night the temperature went down to -7.6 degrees Celsius. Time to rescue the remaining carrots! It did not get very warm today, only up to 7.7 degrees Celsius! The forecast … Continued

Steele Lake

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This weekend I had the opportunity to visit Steele Lake. We had a bit of rain, but then it cleared up. Steele Lake is in Cross Lake Provincial Park. Since the park surrounds the lake, the shoreline and wetlands are … Continued


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A splash of colour from Marigolds, this bunch is Burpees’ Best Mix, a “free-flowering French mixture”. My Grandmother always had Marigolds in her garden. Marigolds are excellent companion plants for many vegetables.


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What the heck?! I was a bit shocked recently when I discovered what had happened along the power lines on our property: I’m not sure when it happened. Herbicide was applied in a wide swath and they certainly didn’t ask … Continued

Early Sunglow Hybrid

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It was a nice weekend to be outside in the garden. I planted Early Sunglow Hybrid this year. It’s been doing well despite all of the rain. It’s not that tall – I am kneeling to take the photo. 🙂 … Continued

Tall Larkspur

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These wildflowers grow throughout the area. Tall Larkspur on the left and Fireweed on the right. The Tall Larkspur prefers moist to wet conditions so this summer is perfect for it! The Fireweed is quite prolific and aggressive.