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What the heck?! I was a bit shocked recently when I discovered what had happened along the power lines on our property:

Dead vegetation along the power lines.

I’m not sure when it happened. Herbicide was applied in a wide swath and they certainly didn’t ask our permission to apply it. Our electrical lines are maintained by Fortis Alberta.

Most likely it was Glyphosate although we can’t tell for certain. Obviously it is pretty awful stuff.

A herbicide sprayed yearly and in large quantities on New Brunswick forests was recently classified as a probable cancer-causing chemical by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the World Health Organization. The decision was published in the journal, Lancet Oncology. Glyphosate, sold under various trade names including Roundup, Vision, and Vision Max, is a broad-spectrum weedkiller used in agriculture, silviculture, recreational areas and on lawns. Globally, it is the highest-volume herbicide in use.

CCNB: Cancer classification warrants ban on widely-used herbicide. (2015, March 26.) New Brunswick Environmental Network. Retrieved from https://www.nben.ca/en/news-from-groups/1114-ccnb-cancer-classification-warrants-ban-on-widely-used-herbicide

Glyphosate is part of forestry management practices and many are concerned that its use encourages wildfires:

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