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Another example of a Corporation collecting data on us without our knowledge.

Mall directories – the large digital maps – at some shopping malls are equipped with cameras and facial recognition software. Recently someone posted a photograph of one at Chinook Centre (Calgary) on Reddit.

“The mall’s parent company, Cadillac Fairview, said the software, which they began using in June, counts people who use the directory and predicts their approximate age and gender, but does not record or store any photos or video from the directory cameras.” CBC news – Yahoo.

mall directory
Chinook Centre mall directory, Calgary
Facial recognition software on a Chinook Centre directory.

Facial recognition software can be used to identify and profile people by ethnic group. The data can be connected to other data (such as free Wi-Fi usage of your mobile phone).

Kiosks that provide and collect information concern shoppers at Calgary malls – CTV News
Calgary mall defends use of facial-recognition technology after customer discovers they’re being watched – Global News
Facial recognition software discovered in Calgary mall kiosks – CTV News
Directories at Cadillac Fairview malls have cameras inside – The Star

So, do you trust Cadillac Fairview?

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