First ski of 2018

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This is the first time I’ve gone cross-country skiing since December 9, 2017.

looking down at my legs ... can't see my feet or my skis for the snow
It’s a good day to wear gaiters. There are skis under all that snow!

After December 9th the weather turned very warm and our snow disappeared. Then over Christmas the temperature dropped. An extreme cold warning was issued and we had overnight lows in the -40s Celsius. It warmed up in the beginning of January and we had another big snowfall January 8/9th, immediately followed by another extreme cold warning. This time with daytime lows in the -40s! Ei yi yi.

Cold in my office!

Friday morning (yesterday) the temperature in my office was 18.4 Celsius (65 F), with a low of 15.6 right by the window. Brrrr! Glad I wore my base layers yesterday! This is why my plants aren’t right by the window.

Thank goodness it warmed up today. It was approximately -8 Celsius when I went for a ski:

second pass on my ski trail
Breaking trail.

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