Riding a monster low …

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… across the Southern Ocean.

wind strength and boat positions in the Southern Ocean
A huge low system engulfs the Volvo Ocean fleet .


In the third leg of the Volvo Ocean Race, a deep low-pressure system has formed and is pushing the fleet towards Melbourne Australia. Conditions are rough and cold. The low pressure system is huge, stretching almost 1,500 nautical miles from the tip of South Africa to just a few hundred miles north of Antarctica. Volvo Ocean boats are experiencing rough and cold conditions, with winds gusting as high as 50 knots. Speeds have reached an incredible 38 knots as boats are launched down the faces of enormous Southern Ocean rollers. The racers will experience another 4-5 days with the breeze above 25 knots.

Now you see him, now you don’t. Rob Greenhalgh (MAPFRE) gets swept off the helm by a big wave in the Southern Ocean:


Meanwhile, the participants of Leg 3 in the virtual race are experiencing the same conditions, albeit more comfortably!

virtual boat positions and wind strength
Racing in the Virtual Regatta Offshore – Leg 3 VOR


At this rate my virtual boat will be south of the Kerguelen Islands in 24 hours. In the virtual race we don’t have to worry about ice bergs and don’t have an ice exclusion zone. Currently my virtual boat is in the Furious Fifties, at 50 degrees 15 minutes South and 51 degrees 36 min East.


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