Clipper Yacht Aground

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Greenings, one of the 70 foot long Clipper RTW ocean racing yachts, ran aground during the night shortly after leaving Cape Town, South Africa. All crew are OK and were evacuated safely.

racing yacht partially submerged in a bed of kelp
Greenings Yacht partially under water after running aground


… Greenings … aground on the western side of Cape Peninsula, which sits roughly halfway between Cape Town and Cape Point at approximately 2140 UTC (2340 local time) on Tuesday 31 October during Leg 3 of the Clipper 2017-18 Round the World Yacht Race, which departed Cape Town, South Africa, earlier that day. Greenings Crew Evacuated After Running Aground


The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 2017-2018 edition is well underway. Leg 3 from Cape Town (South Africa) to Fremantle (Australia) began October 31st.

The yacht will not participate any further in the 2017-2018 edition. After a surveyor inspects the boat a decision will be made regarding salvage. “Discussions have taken place” between the crew and Clipper organizers, we’re not sure if/how the crew will continue to participate.

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