Volvo 2017/18 Prologue

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Tomorrow at 1300 UTC (0700 MDT) the seven teams of the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18 will begin the Prologue Leg. This is a non-scoring leg from Lisbon, Portugal, to the host city of Alicante, Spain. It’s the final opportunity for teams to test themselves and evaluate the competition.

“The boats will race upwind through the Gibraltar Straight early on Tuesday morning against the infamous Levanter easterly wind that could accelerate to over 30kts, all while penned in by a narrow coast, heavy shipping exclusion zones and coastal fishing nets.”

Some of the changes in the 2017/18 edition of the race are:

  • The Route – well, this changes every edition so you shouldn’t be surprised.
  • Back to the Southern Ocean – this edition will have almost 3X the amount of Southern Ocean sailing as compared to recent editions.
  • New Crew Rules – skippers will have the option to change their line up on a leg-by-leg basis. If they opt for a mixed crew (women and men) they can take up to three extra members.
  • A Woman Captain of a mixed team. Go Dee go!
  • The Legends Race – legendary boats from previous races will race the final leg with the Volvo Ocean Race teams; 462 nautical miles from Gothenburg (Sweden) to The Hague (The Netherlands) in June 2018.
map of the world with sailing routes
Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18 Route


Update: ~13:45 UTC. Due to very light winds the start has been delayed and the fleet is motoring south.

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