Volvo 2017/18 Leg 1 (updated)

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Leg 1 starts Sunday 12:00 UTC (06:00 MDT); from Alicante Spain, around the Portuguese island of Porto Santo in the Atlantic, and then to Lisbon Portugal.

How to follow the Leg 1 start – we can watch a live stream of the action

The weather week ahead Leg 1 meteo preview – weather and wind predictions for the first week

Weather determined the Porto Santo rounding for Leg One

The Game

This edition of the Volvo I am playing the Virtual Regatta offshore game alongside the race. I played the Prologue leg and really enjoyed it. As in the Volvo Ocean Race my boat sails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for each leg. It is up to me to choose the best sail configuration and course to get to the finish line first, taking into account the life-like weather conditions.

Screen shot of Virtual Regatta Offshore – Volvo Leg 1 – My boat is waiting at the start.

You too can play the game on your PC, Android or iPhone. I found that Google Chrome works best if you are playing on a PC. You can play as a guest (free) as long as you always play from the same browser and don’t clear your history/cache. You can also create an account and play for free, with the option of paying a little money for extras such as more sails and foils.

Note that if you play with a PC you will need a fairly modern computer with minimum 4 GB of memory. I have had Chrome crash once, I just closed and re-started it. If you can’t be by your PC regularly it helps to have a mobile device to play from. There are navigation tools such as heading programmer and waypoints, however these need to be used carefully.

If you are interested, read the Virtual Regatta online help first.

Virtual Regatta Offshore

Volvo Ocean Race teams up with Virtual Regatta for 2017-18 race game

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