R2AK 2017

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Another West Coast Race, but this one deserves its own post. Race to Alaska (R2AK) is a race up the Inside Passage, with no motors & no support. However participants can stop and resupply along the way. “The intent is to be unsupported between towns, and function self-supported when in towns.”

Race start is 0500 June 8. Stage 1 is a qualifier from Port Townsend to Victoria.
Starting June 11, Stage 2 is from Victoria to Ketchikan, with two way-points in Seymour Narrows and Bella Bella. Other than the two way-points there is no official course. Read more about it here: https://r2ak.com/about/r2ak-explained/.

To participate racers need a boat with no engine – not even “just in case”.

map of the race course, from Port Townsend to Ketchikan
Race to Alaska, Full Course Chart

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