Massive Logistics

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Teams are preparing for the 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race which starts this October. Watch team AkzoNobel’s new racing sailboat leave Persico Marine in Bergamo, Italy, and head to the Boatyard facility in Lisbon, Portugal. The multi-million euro racing yacht makes a 2000km journey by Volvo truck. Volvo Ocean Racing gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the move:

Now that’s a boat transport! Across Europe from Italy to Rotterdam, then on the ferry to Lisbon, Portugal. The load is over-width, over-length, and over-height! The driver advises “it’s not going from A to B”. The route must be carefully planned “every yard is different, different measurements, height, width, length, weight … you have to improvise every time … how to load, how to get it there, with permits ….” Arranging permits and permissions in some countries can take months.

Racing yacht being loaded by crane onto a truck transport.
AkzoNobel is loaded on to the transport in Persico Marina, Italy.

The Boatyard takes care of the tuning, repair and maintenance of the racing yachts. All of the boats are Volvo Ocean 65 one-design class. Read about the design here

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