Winter weather & some truckers

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Couldn’t help posting about this. British Columbia’s Coquihalla Highway was closed due to weather, and many drivers had to spend a frigid night in their vehicles.

“Reports from the scene say there is very heavy volume and trucks are having difficulty making their way up hills, blocking traffic.” from Global News.

I watched Global National tonight and wondered … what is that truck doing in the fast lane? Blocking everyone else including emergency vehicles! Notice the tractor-trailer below on the right is stuck – you can see by the marks in the snow that the operator has been standing beside the drive wheels:

Tractor-trailer stuck in the fast lane of the Coqiuhalla Highway, Feb.2017


And look at the screen shot below. Where are the tire-chains? According to the B.C. government, commercial truckers should carry “chains or be equipped with other traction devices“.

No traction devices here! Let’s spin those tires …


Perhaps they should setup a toll strictly for semi-trailers (tractor-trailers) on the Coquihalla. Consider the cost these vehicles cause to B.C. during bad weather.

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