Clipper RTW Fatality

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Clipper Race organizers released an official statement today, about the death of crew member Sarah Young from London.

The skipper of IchorCoal reports that Sarah was tidying the cockpit after reefing the mainsail in 35 – 40 knots of wind, when she was knocked from her position by a wave. She fell back toward the guard wire and was swept under it by another wave. She was not tethered onto the yacht and was swept away in strong winds.

Having been on a yacht that is tossed around in heavy seas, I know what it’s like. You let go for only a moment and next thing you are flying across the cockpit.

Farewell Sarah. This is going to be tough for the crew of IchorCoal, who lost another crew member Andrew Ashman in September 2015.

Read Clipper Ventures official statement re the fatality.

Photo of IchorCoal, Clipper Round-the-World racing yacht.
IchorCoal, Clipper Round-the-World racing yacht.

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