BlackBerry Global Decryption Key

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The technology (BlackBerry PIN to PIN messages) is not used anymore. However information has recently come to light: according to technical reports by the RCMP that were filed in court, law enforcement intercepted and decrypted roughly one million PIN-to-PIN BlackBerry messages in connection with a certain investigation.

“I’m a dead chicken. That’s the reality of it, that’s what we don’t want the general public to know….”   These are the words of Crown attorney Robert Rouleau, in court documents that were made public after members of a Montreal crime syndicate plead guilty to their role in a murder. Rouleau admitted that his own phone would be vulnerable to the type of decryption the RCMP used on the targets of the investigation.

Judge Michael Stober: “It is agreed by all parties that the RCMP would have had the correct global key when it decrypted messages during its investigation ….”

Read more about this here on, Exclusive: Canadian Police Obtained BlackBerry’s Global Decryption Key

What can we take away from this?

  Those who designed it can easily decrypt it.

BlackBerry mobile phones
BlackBerry mobile phones

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