Seattle Pacific Challenge

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This would be a great leg to be aboard one of the Clipper vessels. I’ve been fascinated by the Pacific Ocean since the day I first saw it decades ago. My family was on a trip and visiting Pacific Rim National Park. Although it was cold and raining my sisters and I had tons of fun swimming in the surf.

Many years later I read “Pacific Lady: The First Woman to Sail Solo across the World’s Largest Ocean” by Sharon Sites Adams. In 1969 she sailed 74 days from Japan to California, alone across the Pacific Ocean in a 31 foot ketch. It’s a great read especially if you are interested in solo sailing.

The Clipper Round-the-world race teams have started their longest single ocean crossing of the entire circumnavigation: Qingdao, China to Seattle USA. This crossing is expected to take about a month. Today they are sailing south of Japan and team Garmin, the leader, is roughly 200nm south of Tokyo.

race tracker showing boat positions south of Japan
Race Tracker Leg 9, south of Japan. Seattle Pacific Challenge


Seattle Pacific Challenge Begins

Race 9 Day 4 Wind And Sea State Increases As Teams Pass Southern Japan

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