Critter Cam

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We are situated in the Tawatinaw Valley in central Alberta, approximately 100 km north of Edmonton. The Tawatinaw Valley contains a small, meandering, north-northeasterly flowing stream, which drains into the Athabasca River. We have a variety of wildlife passing thru our property: deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, moose, coyote, and pheasant. Most of the time we only see their tracks so Jeff set up a remote camera. Here are some photos:

coyote trotting down a trailCoyote

three deer standing on a trailWhite-tailed Deer

A mother deer and her two fawns at night A mother white-tailed deer and her two fawns at night

A moose looking at the trail camA moose on the trail, listening …

a moose looking at the trail camChecking out the trail cam

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