Nicaraguan Canal

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Proposed Nicaraguan Canal Route from 1899: Wikimedia Commons
Proposed Nicaraguan Canal Route from 1899: Wikimedia Commons

In June an agreement was signed between Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega and a Hong Kong based company to build a new canal between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This waterway will be funded (and controlled) by China and will enable the passage of very large vessels such as super-container ships.

There have been some articles and chatter about the project, but it has all been low key. Environmentalists and trade organizations say we don’t need another canal in Central America. However most seem to be ignoring or unaware of the geopolitical implications of this new canal. And the fact that it will allow various large vessels to transit quickly between the two oceans. (Large vessels such as aircraft carriers.) This canal agreement is something to note in the history books.

Some of the News Articles:

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Nicaragua announce plans to rival Panama Canal with £25billion channel through the country, funded by China

Nicaragua Congress approves ocean-to-ocean canal plan

Nicaragua approves concession for Chinese company to build, operate inter-oceanic canal

US and China: The Fight for Latin America

Chinese company spokesman: Nicaragua will become the richest country in the region


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