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Water has been leaking into our stern lockers and we’ve been sealing and caulking almost everything we can find on the deck. Today I washed the cockpit then literally climbed into the lockers to see if I could tell where the water was still coming from. Aha it’s the scuppers matey!

Scupper - aka cockpit drain
Scupper – aka cockpit drain

Now it’s time to tear them apart and re-seal them. Eww! Definitely wet wood and some sort of old goo that was supposed to keep the water out. It took me most of the day to get one apart, cleaned, and reinstalled with new boat caulk. (Ok I did stop to help Jeff with the engine.)

resealed scupper
resealed scupper

Meanwhile, Jeff has spent much of the day in the engine crawlspace. He emerges excitedly, saying he can now pump fuel from the starboard tank to the port tank to the day tank.  🙂

It might sound like a simple task, but it’s a big deal. We have multiple fuel tanks. Moving fuel around means we can adjust tank levels and trim the boat. It also means we can “polish” or filter the fuel as we move it around. This is important as diesel that sits too long in the tank can accumulate water, algae and bacteria. Yep, stuff grows in it!

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