Moose in the Tawatinaw Valley, AB
Tawatinaw Valley
The Tawatinaw valley is located roughly 100 kilometres north of Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta. It is characterized by steep sides, sand, an underfit stream, and it opens up in a fan-like complex at its southern end. During the last glacial period it operated as a tunnel valley and flowed in a southerly uphill direction because of glacial meltwater.

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Storm Front

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“Storm Front” is the name of the colour that I am slowly painting our shed. We chose it partly because of its shade of grey, and partly because it seemed appropriate at the... READ MORE

Lesser Slave Lake

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Last weekend we drove NNW and visited Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park. Lesser Slave Lake is the largest lake in Alberta that is accessible by auto. Its surface area is 1,160 km2 (450 sq mi) over two... READ MORE

Bear Chairs

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… aka Muskoka chairs … aka Adirondack chairs. They are finally finished! Jeff put them together and I put stain/varnish on them. READ MORE

Vic-Maui 2016

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If you are downtown Victoria right now, near the Legislature or the Fairmont Empress hotel, look towards the inner yacht basin. Along floats C to G in front of the Fairmont Empress you... READ MORE